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Our Anthem 


Meet the ABRAPEC Anthem - 
 Brazilian Association for Assistance to People with Cancer

Listen and sing with us!

Anthem played and sung by Banda do
Military Police Corps

I invite you, dear friend!
come with me soon
Helping the needy in life
Even if it's a little donating.


Save! Long live ABRAPEC!

It is the arrow that points to tomorrow.
With reason the human entity
In fact, she is a guardian.
O bravery of blissful love.
It is our vital pride.
This grand association
ABRAPEC is a National Star.
(bis) (chorus)

Who promotes good makes friends

This is how ABRAPEC was born.
Always live in intense harmony
Helping those who never forgot.
(bis) (chorus)

Lyrics and Music: Alcides Vieira de Melo

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