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      ABRAPEC – Brazilian Association for Assistance to People with Cancer is a non-governmental organization engaged in providing socio-economic support physical-emotional and legal rehabilitation for people undergoing cancer treatment in situations of social vulnerability, including care for family members and caregivers. Those assisted are referred to us through public hospitals, health posts, among others. Every month we serve hundreds of people undergoing cancer treatment. ABRAPEC has an interdisciplinary team of employees and volunteers who develop programs aimed at defending and guaranteeing rights, promoting the labor market, alleviating the suffering caused by the disease, strengthening family ties and social protection, thus providing a better quality of life. life for those assisted, through a humanized and welcoming service. The Association also provides support to the basic emergency needs of those assisted during the treatment period with medication, materials for dressings, wheelchair/bath, food, food supplements, geriatric diapers, laboratory tests when necessary, among other things. To carry out this work, we count on the collaboration of several organizations of society.

Who we are


Our story


      ABRAPEC – Brazilian Association of Assistance to People with Cancer, emerged from the ideal of a man dedicated to humanitarian actions , of the will that everything is possible when one invests in the value of the human being towards GOD. Thus, the Association was founded in 2002 by journalist and broadcaster Arnaldo Braz, together with a group of people who shared the same ideal. Visualizing the suffering of people with cancer, including the high rate of people undergoing cancer treatment and in situations of social vulnerability, he dared to dream and had the ability to make it happen, giving it life. Currently, ABRAPEC serves hundreds of people in several cities across the country, fulfilling its purpose.


Provide bio-psychosocial support to adults and elderly people with cancer, as well as their family members, in social vulnerability, providing a better quality of life for coping with the disease, always focusing on the human being.


To be respected and recognized by society as an NGO committed to earning and seriously managing resources to continue its mission, transforming and making countless people and their families happier, in this  moment so difficult of their lives.


Respect and seriousness with all the people with whom we interact, affection, friendship, care  and compassion, with the people we help and their families.

Help ABRAPEC to continue with this beautiful social work

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